Fundraise For Us

This section is for people wishing to become in involved with or support TCN's work, through fundraising, volunteering or taking part in our Community Awareness Activities. We hope that you will find the information useful.

You can support our work through the following ways:

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Use the NHS 'Couch to 5K' aid and challenge yourself to become marathon-fit in up to 9wks. Then actually run a 5K!
  • Run, Swim or Cycle for us.
  • Fashion Show
  • Run an event - Concert, Play, Musical Evening, Speakers' Lounge or Poetry & Jazz event.
  • Pick a theme and host a night of Trivia Quiz - Pop Culture, Sports, General Knowledge, Olympic History or even a Table Tennis tournament etc
  • Run a Fete or Craft fair or a Car Boot Sale.
  • Run a 5 or 7 a side football / rugby / hockey or
  • A simple Sponsored Walk

Plan Your Success!

  • Allow plenty of time to assess everything involved with the challenge ahead.
  • Talk with everyone you know about the easiest, most efficient way the event can be organised. Discuss questions such as...
    • 'Do we have the people to make all parts of the project run smoothly?'
    • 'Will the event cost us anything to get off the ground?'
    • 'What resources do we need?' 
    • 'How do we publicise the event?' 
    • 'What can go wrong? What kind of health and safety precautions must we consider?'
    • 'Can we get celebrity endorsement?' (You could start out by first trying to solicit the support of local businesses, community leaders, artistes and/or celebrities.) and
  • Be sure to check your community calendar of 'What's On' and choose an appropriate date. 
    • (You certain don't want to plan your fundraiser on a day which clashes with a bigger event which could take away from your success. However if it could support your cause, be sure to maximise the opportunity. In some instances you may want to speak with the organisers well in advance to share your interest in doing your fundraiser during their event. It's just polite to do so. Who knows, they may wish to support your cause.)

Tell Everyone You Know!

The more people know about your event the greater your chances of success. So shout about it...

At work:

  • Use your notice boards
  • Get it into you company magazine, newsletter or bulletin
  • Announced at briefings, meetings etc
  • Pass the word along through your colleagues
  • Add it to your email signature. (You may need to get your company's approval to add it to outgoing emails).

At home:

  • Tell your family members by email, text or conversation. They may want to help you hit your target.
  • Distribute or post leaflets in local suppliers, on notice boards at businesses, organisations, community centres, GP & Dental Surgeries, Libraries and faith centres such as Churches, Mosques, Temples etc .
  • Announce on local radio
  • Advertise in local paper

Use the Media

Success in getting the support of a traditional and/or online Radio and TV station could kick your event's profile up a notch. Every organisation would jump at the idea of getting positive, free publicity through your Radio / TV coverage so this will make it easier for you to get their support and sponsorship.

Making contact with the News Editor of your local paper is the best first step t make things happen. If you know a Reporter you may want to make your contact through that person as that will better your chances of success. You should also find out the paper's deadlines for copy and photographs and make sure you include all of the following information:

  • What the event is?
  • Who is involved?
  • Why the event is taking place
  • When, where and what time? and
  • Contact name for further information

Be creative and add a publicity stunt, have a local dignitary or involve a local celebrity and maximise on every a photo opportunity. The press will love it.

Quick Tips When Seeking Sponsors                                          

  • Always set a sponsorship target - aim high!
  • Don't work alone - many hands make work light so seek help from your friends - network, friends of friends and family - you will collect more than you thought possible, but you need to work at it.
  • Think about organising small events such as a coffee morning or disco in a Community Hall, a jumble sale or a car boot sale in a local Car Park - whatever you feel comfortable with. The only limit is your imagination!
  • Start your sponsorship early - well in advance of the event.
  • When you approach people for sponsorship, ask them if they would mind giving you the money NOW! They could do this in one of two ways:
    • Donations up to £10 per text message they send to a given number which will guarantee that 100% of their donation goes to TCN (contact us to set this up for you) or
    • By writing a cheque on the spot.
This will enable them to walk away with proof of their donation by text message or via their check stub. We recommend this options as it is easier to give money back should you have to pull out of the event, as opposed to trying to collect after the event when they may have forgotten who you are and why you were fundraising in the first place.
  • Be focussed and maintain a record of your sponsors. Make sure that your list reflects those who have paid by text or cheque and those who have pledged but have not yet given you their contribution.
  • If you belong to a club or association, get them involved either as a sponsor, a fundraising event organiser, or by asking them to 'match' the funds you raise.
  • Ask local companies or firms to sponsor you in return for wearing their logo-ed T-shirt or cap during your fundraising period or during your event.

Follow Sponsorship Success

  • Request corporate sponsorships. (Companies often donate between £100 and £350 for their logo on a shirt). For information about this, you will need to approach the Public Relations department or Community Development departmentand tell them about your fundraising idea and request their corporate sponsorship and allow them to make an offer...they might surprise you.
  • Put a note through all your neighbours' doors telling them who you are, what TCN is, what it does, for whom, what the event is and why you are doing it. We would be happy to work with you in creating the notice. It will include:
    • TCN's donation text code for text donations,
    • cheque payee information (Topcare Network Charity # 1102429 - with your Fundraiser's Ref on the back),
    • TCN Freepost envelop,
    • TCN's online donation information as well as
    • Our website address.
  • If your event requires you to train, get a friend or colleague to organise your fundraising while you do this;
  • Get the press involved as much as possible. Try to get your photo or a story about your fundraising in the local paper as much as possible. This is a good place to consider various publicity stunts and photo opportunities;
    • Do something different - wear a Hulk custom and pull a car along a stretch of road, get a Mohican haircut (if your boss allows it) etc;
  • Organise a plush dinner with guest speakers and sell tickets at a price which covers the cost of the event and still raises money OR get a catering company to sponsor the meal in exchange for good, local publicity;
  • Email the sponsorship forms and send them to friends and family who live in different parts of the country so they can get invloved and help you meet your target;
  • Organise a raffle with prizes from local shops;
  • Do bucket collections round the local pubs and clubs (get permission from the owners first)


We hope this information was insightful and that it will inspire you to raise money to assist us in our work. The proceeds from your event can, if you wish, be targeted to a specific project/service or to the organisation in general.

If you fancy taking on the challenge, please contact us -

Phone 020 8649 5677


Good Luck!